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  • Monolito promocional (muppi) de concierto en el Auditorio de Oviedo (Asturias)
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  • Tarjeta de fidelidad de las tiendas 7Camicie de Castelldefels; marca líder italiana en el mercado textil (Barcelona)
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  • Papelería de venta al por mayor (Barcelona)
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    Canal Nova

About me

In the beginning…
As I am an Asturian, and as I have the need to create and to make the world a little more fun and enjoyable, I choose to study at the School of Art of Oviedo where I got as my first result, a 10 for the final career project.

I was interested to try other things like a calligraphy workshop taught by Lázaro Enriquez, skilled laureate and a video Afoot (UP Gijon). You never know where the future may bring you.

Shaping ideas…
My next step was to start the studies of Elías Benavides, Oviedo.
I got my first job, as a trainee, painting signage in Leroy Merlín and I was selected to standardize and computerize the corporate logo type.

After this training ship, I was involved in projects for various offices as Formagrupo802 Diseño GráficoMetro Cuadrado Astur and Impact 5, where I got the opportunity to strengthen my experience as a designer.

With this training, I moved to Barcelona where I have lived since 2002. Here I have been a graphic and web designer in different companies since.

Currently I collaborate with Carlos Rolando, world iconic graphic designer for important global brands as Camper or Dry Martini.
In my spare time, as I like to be busy, I freelance for companies as 7CamicieBanco Santander, Tous, SAP o MWC and in other projects where I can keep my creativity flowing.

MOTIVA awards is created to help Asturias to be recognized nationally as a reference for great design. For my participation in 2001 I got an Honorable Mention and the assignment for the development of the corporate image for Bodegas Vergara.

It’s not all design…
As it is not all about work, my hobbies are table tennis, great music (at least for me), traveling … and also, out of curiosity, I was casteller (a traditional culture sport) in Barcelona.
Further I have learned to “read” braille. As for my Spanish?….I have a nice level… també t’entenc si em parles in catalan!
In short, I will grasp any experience to continue to grow as a man and as a professional.»
… Do you want to talk?

By the way, #Istayathome

I work with:


Work with Kiko is very easy, he helps me every time I encounter graphic difficulties; He is always ready to solve problems and knows how to calm me down in situations of more nervousness. Always use a language that makes it understandable to understand you, with those large and complicated technicalities of the sector.

His website is very intuitive and elegant, www.lopezperezdesigner.com; With it, he sets the goal of showing his numerous achievements, providing support and assistance to people who have doubts or want to entrust him with a job; No matter what type of project it is because it solves it quickly and with excellent results.

He is a very methodical person, punctual with the delivery of work, decisive and creative … what more can you ask for?

Jordi Vicens, manager of «Dr. Coffee & Beer» – Barcelona



Excellent attention!

We contacted this young and dynamic designer, through a mailing that he sent to our company; It surprised us from the beginning, offering us a new product, with innovative materials. [expand_maker] We tune in from the first second, since it adapts 100×100 to the needs of the customer (number one standard for a commercial)

Working with him was more a pleasant pastime than really a task, since the search for Perfect Work is his goal and maximum customer satisfaction, his greatest interest.
We will do many more things together; Today our company is better, thanks to Kiko.

More than recommended.
100% transparency

Daniel Pérez Álvarez, manager of «El Yantar de Gredos» – Ávila



For years, we are the printers of the works designed by Kiko; They are always perfectly delivered… they are very well designed and better prepared original projects, ready to be machine-printed and printed without any worries.

He is a very creative person, with his own initiative and very dedicated to everything he has in his hands. He not only has a lot of talent as a designer but it is also worth mentioning that he is a very nice person and gets along very well with everyone in the company.

I would highlight the closeness with his good character, being deserve the good «roll» he has; I would also comment on the illusion with which you always face each job.

We recommend working with Kiko because he is a professional from head to toe and personally I hope to remain with him for many years. Thanks astur man!

Jordi Borrell, commercial at «Tiro y Retiro» – Barcelona



The same day we had a meeting with Francisco, via Skype with the head office in Holland, we realized that he was the right person since from the first moment he contributed many ideas and clearly answered each and every one of our doubts.

The dedication with which he faced the different stages of the work and his professionalism make working with him a rewarding experience; I remember that when he made our logo, he put on the table the pros and cons of the selected one, making us see that the beautiful thing is not always the most functional or that the target of the web must be valued to mold the content and the way of exposing the product according to the eye that will see it.

After several years of collaborating together, we still have him as the sole designer of the company, knowing that when he bets on something to make it work, it is a strong opinion to consider.

For all this, thanks for being of great personal and professional support.

John Nijhof, Co-Owner & General Manager at «HotelandEvent.com» and Managing Director at «JF Experiences SL» – Holanda




I contacted Kiko to request urgent design services for a mobility plan during the Mobile World Congress and the truth is that I keep a very pleasant memory of the experience. Kiko quickly understood what we needed, and responded very quickly to the requests, working as necessary at night to have the proposals on time, making the necessary changes without delays that we could not afford. Their recommendations, their professionalism and their effectiveness meant that we could deliver our proposals and documents to the client with an exquisite design and total satisfaction. Kiko quickly understood that it was not about developing a creative design on an image, but that we needed to capture, with pleasure but clearly, the options and instructions of the plan.

With infinite patience, there was never a sign of disgust at the constant changes requested by us. We currently have an in-house designer, but if that were not the case, I would not hesitate to hire Kiko’s services again.

Cristina de Seras, DMC director at «Barcelona Business Pass» – Barcelona


What can I say about Kiko more than he is a professional like a pine tree and a designer like there are few, with enough resources to succeed in the project; He had a lot of patience to design our logo and in the end the result, as expected, was amazing!

We are very happy and I recommend it to everyone, 100%.
Above all, I appreciate the extreme punctuality in the delivery of his work, a ten for Kiko!
I am convinced that it will grow very fast, because… it doesn’t deserve less!

Irene Manrique,  director at «www.bemargroup.net» – Barcelona




It’s been great to have Kiko to easily capture everything we wanted to teach on the panels; in just two quick meetings I got the idea and it translated into an excellent design, exactly my idea.

Easy, clear and without wasting time immediately had the work ready. In addition, he is always predisposed to collaborate, which denotes great solvency and creativity.

Mention also that he proposed many ideas and concepts that he initially thought of.

I will not hesitate to continue counting on this designer for future collaborations!

Jaume Argiles, owner of  bar restaurante «Horóscopo»» – Barcelona



How can I help you?

Francisco López Pérez
+34 616 826 899






Your personal data will be collected according to the provisions of Law 15/1999, of December 15, Protection of Personal Data and are stored in a file owned by LÓPEZ PÉREZ DESIGNER, residing at Avda. Josep Tarradellas i Joan, 260 – L’H (08901) Barcelona. According to the previous law, you are entitled to exercise rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of the data at the address provided in this paragraph.